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Konspectus is a technology start-up formed in mid 2012, to develop, market and sell an interactive learning tool - Konspectus®. The Konspectus software (www.konspectus.com) navigates students through writing assignments using a 3-step approach from outlines to a final paper, and formats and stores references and citations in selected formats. The application provides generic suggested outlines and outlines created or used by others, which can be modified to address the unique requirements of each assignment. This technology also integrates the outline and the writing space, in side-by-side panes, to maintain focus while drafting each paragraph. Konspectus stores all work, from works in progress to completed assignments, and is accessible from any internet browser.


Rinalogy (www.rinalogy.com) is a technology start-up that develops, markets and sells new search technologies called Rinalogy Search, Rinalogy Predictive Coding and Rinalogy Adapta. Rinalogy's patent-pending technologies are designed to quickly provide accurate results when searching Big Data (very large databases or information sources).

Rinalogy Search is an advanced information retrieval solution that helps users to find the most applicable documents in the search process. Rinalogy Search offers a new query model with a simple UI, component weighting (term, concept and field), easy to scale with growing data (cloud-based), automated query extension and results refinement based on user feedback, faceted filter on all meta fields, collaboration and others.

Rinalogy Predictive Coding represents the standard legal automatic review workflow with unique capabilities which let users train a software model by reviewing and tagging a small portion of the data set, and then use the trained model to automatically generate predictive results for the remaining documents. Rinalogy Predictive Coding offers real-time precision and recall reporting which shows accuracy of the trained model on the control set during the training process. This allows users to decide if the training process should continue or not in real-time.

Rinalogy Adapta is a new generation concept search engine with powerful artificial intelligence? capabilities. It automatically learns users' reviewing preferences on the shown results then utilizing machine learning Rinalogy Adapta finds better related documents which may not contain the exact terms or phrases in the original user-supplied query.

Our technologies are all cloud-based and accessible through the Rinalogy API, enabling them to integrate with your software and tools.

Sentio AI

SENTIO Artificial Intelligence is a technology solution that uses predictive analytics and machine learning based on targeted human input to identify the most relevant information with unprecedented speed and accuracy. SENTIO delivers a ranked population which allows users the ability to prioritize and zero-in on the most relevant information faster than any other tool on the market.

Comprehensive Precision: Finding EVERY relevant document is critical to a thorough investigation. SENTIO's Exhaustive Sequential Classification Technology identifies and prioritizes documents and provides results that may never have been found using keyword searching alone.

Real-Time Results: SENTIO's Artificial Intelligence engine delivers results in real time, regardless of the size of the overall document population. SENTIO identifies the information that is needed today, not three weeks from now.

Knowledge Extrapolated: Missing key documents due to reviewer misjudgments can undermine an investigation before it starts. SENTIO harnesses the knowledge of top team members and returns relevant information in real time.

Costs Controlled: By reducing the number of people necessary to comb through documents, SENTIO helps lower costs associated with review by as much as 80% over traditional methods.

CareSoft Systems

CareSoft Systems is a technology firm dedicated to developing long term care pharmacy solutions. The company develops, markets and sells its Pharmacy Technology System (PTS). PTS technology addresses inventory and purchasing management, medical records, scripts processing, billing and invoicing, formularies and therapeutic substitutions for long term care pharmacies. CareSoft Systems is presently working on integrating PTS with several pharmacies. RINA Systems has developed, maintained and supported PTS, and provided business management services to CareSoft Systems.

Tele-Town Hall

Tele-Town Hall has developed and patented technology (US Patents 7,852,998 & 7,944,861) that allows users to connect LIVE with thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of people through an interactive town hall meeting conducted over the telephone at the touch of a button (www.teletownhall.com). Using a real-time LIVE format, audience members are invited to participate in an open discussion forum, pose questions to the Speaker, and hear responses to questions. Tele-Town Hall technology is used by both political organizations and businesses. Businesses may conduct tele-town hall events to discuss new products with potential customers, have internal conference calls with participants at many locations, use it in fund raising activities, perform shareholders meetings, etc. RINA Systems has assisted Tele-Town Hall in business development.

RINA Technologies

RINA Technologies was established to develop portfolio back testing software such as Portfolio Evaluator, PortfolioStream and Portfolio Maestro now used by thousands of active traders and hedge funds. The Portfolio Maestro software was acquired in August 2010 by TradeStation Group, Inc. - a brokerage and software firm. For a press release about this acquisition, please click here. RINA Systems assisted RINA Technologies by designing the architecture, developing and marketing the technology, providing the required funding to start a new business and overseeing the acquisition.