RINA Index featured in January, 2019 Issue of Technical Analysis of STOCKS & COMMODITIES Magazine.

In the cover story “There’s No Limits: Moon Rocket”, by Jay A Leavitt, Ph.D. published in the January, 2019 issue of Stocks & Commodities Magazine, the author presents his Moon Rocket trading strategy as a way to compare unusual features of the technical analysis strategies he has developed. Fundamental to his analysis and conclusions is RINA Systems’ proprietary calculation, the RINA Index.

During the late 1990’s RINA Systems developed a new ratio, called RINA Index, a trade performance measure that takes into consideration net profit, average draw down and percent time in the market.

The RINA Index was incorporated in TradeStation version 2000i to expand the platform’s performance indicators and to provide the capability to compare the results of various systems. It is still being used today.

Cincinnati, OH