Rinalogy Search New Query Model

Rinalogy Search’s unique query model allows for both finding the right documents and displaying them in the order of relevance.

Faster Results

As a cloud-based solution, Rinalogy Search analyzes and filters Big Data quickly.

Weighted Concepts and Fields

Users can assign weights to search concepts and fields of the documents indicating the level of importance for the concepts and the fields.

Weighted Results

Users can assign weights to search results and run the search again by clicking ‘Find Similar’. The software will learn from the user feedback and generate better results.

Search Several Sources At The Same Time With The Same Query

Users can search in several sources at the same time, such as emails, financial data and USPTO’s patent database. The results shown will contain the source the data was selected from, the score of perceived quality of the output and other identifications, e.g. patent information, a stock chart, etc.

Retain Search And Results History

Users can retain search queries and results history for a selected period of time in a user account and rerun the queries again at a later time.

Collaboration Capability

Several people can work as a group to search and share the results of their work.

Ability To Work In Multiple Languages

Plug-in Technology

Search can be integrated with other technologies using Rinalogy’s API.