Rinalogy Search

Are you satisfied with results you get from the search engines you use?

Find what You need in Big Data. Quickly.

Almost any search query applied to Big Data returns a very large number of results that are often practically impossible to review.

Every user has specific needs. Finding information based on a user query and general data statistics does not produce useful results.

Healthcare, eDiscovery, fraud detection, crime, terrorism and many other fields need to be able to quickly find accurate information.

Problem solved with Rinalogy Search

Rinalogy Search uses Rinalogy Search API, a next generation search tool - using machine learning to interactively learn from users to return personalized results based on Your feedback (patent #10,353,940, patent #10,572,527).

Models are saved and can be applied to new data as it becomes available. The models can also be used to predict new documents later. Users can run the saved models later to review results or share them with others.

Rinalogy Search can be used as a stand alone search technology or it can be applied to complement any existing search software, e.g. Google, Bing, SharePoint and others, to significantly improve results.

Rinalogy Search can be used as both an Enterprise and a web based search. It can be deployed in Your IT infrastructure, close to your data and behind Your firewall.


Weighted Concepts

Rinalogy Search’s unique patented query model (patent #9,372,895, patent# 10,692,017) allows for both finding the right documents and displaying them in the order of relevance.

This unique approach allows users to define the level of importance of search concepts by assigning weights to them, which finds the results You are looking for.

Rinalogy Search works in multiple languages, such as English, Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

The RESTful APIs can be integrated with any programming language or platform.

It also supports multiple platforms and devices.

Learn how you can benefit from this unique powerful technology at www.rinalogy.com/search.