Next Generation Continuous Active Learning

SentioAI is a technology solution that uses natural language processing, machine learning and predictive analytics to identify the most relevant documents out of a given population of documents with an unprecedented speed and accuracy. 

SentioAI solves a classification problem for Big Data in a unique proprietary way. As a result the technology works when other technologies fail, it delivers more accurate/complete results faster and saves time and money vs. other technologies. SentioAI delivers a ranked population of documents from most likely to least likely to be relevant. Click here to learn more about Sentio software solutions. 

Using the software users review and tag a small portion of the data set. This data set is then used to train SentioAI prediction engine to order documents according to their relevancy. With each new document the system becomes more accurate. SentioAI determines when the training of the predictive engine is complete and then runs its models on the total data set to generate results.