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Pioneering Portfolio Analytics since 1994

RINA Systems is the leader in trading applications and portfolio analysis software. The company has developed tools and solutions to support the decisions of financial services firms and professional traders. Our technology has enabled users to conduct research and implement solutions in portfolio analysis, money management, portfolio monitoring, asset allocation, trading model development, and portfolio selection.


Our team has created the most innovative and powerful trading applications available.
RINA Systems is well known for creating its award-winning flagship applications such as Portfolio Evaluator, Performance Suite, PortfolioSteam, which have been accepted as the industry standard for their powerful and user-friendly strategy performance analysis and testing. RINA Systems has also developed Portfolio Maestro - a next generation technology for portfolio analysis, signal generation and automated execution, with data and broker independence. In 2010, RINA’s financial products were acquired by TradeStation Group.

Expertise in Quantitative Research

RINA Systems has the capability to historically test any quantitative trading strategy. If you have a trading idea that needs to be empirically tested before being applied, you can leverage our many years of industry experience to build and test historical market models. RINA Systems offers additional benefits of being able to deliver research that provides the widest possible array of performance statistics and reporting.

Where Trading meets Machine Learning

RINA’s core expertise in trading, Big Data and machine learning, brings clients the ability to build powerful models and apply them to determine the best actions. We are well placed to use machine learning to detect patterns hidden in both structured and unstructured data and produce actionable insights.

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